This blog will serve to share my brewing news and exploits with all those interested. I also plan to review beer, events, and even beer-centric locations. Feel free to send me suggestions of places to go or beer to try. I also accept beer “samples” for the educational purpose of reviewing the product. 😉

The main mission of Blind Pirate Brewing is to create the best possible beer while upholding the unique boundary-smashing principles that I have grown to admire in many of the commercial craft breweries around the country. Blind to the tyranny of macro-swill and television advertisements which sell a “lifestyle” vs a product – the mascot of Blind Pirate Brewing Company is Captain Two-Patch. He can’t see a thing – but he sure as hell knows a flavorful beer when he tastes it!

I plan to brew on the edge of normalcy. Marrying traditional styles with non-traditional ingredients, every beer I brew is an adventure, every recipe a voyage into the great unknown! So stow away on Captain Two-Patch’s ship and hold on tight. The booty to be had is as boundless as the sea.

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