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Blind Pirate Aztec Gold

This is the first beer that I brewed under the fully realized Blind Pirate brand. It started out as a desire to brew a mild-mannered red ale that was super drinkable. As I began shopping around for ingredients I started finding hop varieties that I couldn’t avoid experimenting with. Thus, my red ale became a hybrid beer – the malt bill never changed, but the hop additions grew into one of the hoppiest beers I have brewed.

Brewed with Sorachi Ace, Zythos, and Galaxy hops, then dry hopped on more Zythos and Galaxy.

Aztec Gold’s name comes from the Spanish conquest of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. For centuries Spain transported countless sums of American gold across the Atlantic back to the kingdom. Many pirates over the years sought out to attack these ships because they carried such enormous amounts of wealth.  In fact, Great Britain often clandestinely supported these pirates as a way to help subvert Spain’s efforts in the new world.

This gold is tarnished with the blood of the conquered Aztecs and the Spaniards that fell prey to piracy. Changing hands constantly and being used to fund wars, this gold was viewed as cursed by many. Much of it never even left the Caribbean due to sunken ships that fell prey to stormy seas, battle, or the shear burden of the weight of their cargo.

Similarly, Aztec Gold is a beer that is sought after and craved. Unique hops from the opposite side of the world come together in such a tantalizing way that the beer will never make it far without being consumed.

The beer pours with amazingly dense and sustainable head, and leaves sticky slatherings of lace on the glass. Aromas of grapefruit, lemon, pine bough, and sweet tangerine are all there for the picking. The malt muscles into the flavor intermittently by way of a mild caramel and sweet bread aspect. But the hops again steal the show by way of lemon and sweet bitter pine.

Soft creamy mouthfeel despite being fairly light bodied. Overall i was extremely please with this beer, and it is easily the creation I have drank through the fastest. I hope to brew this again before the end of the year.

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